“Workshop on Demystifying Nuclear Power Technology” – at Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology

On 5th December, a workshop on “Demystifying Nuclear Power Technology” was organized at IEEE CUET Student Branch which was patronized and funded by IEEE Bangladesh Section and IEEE Foundation. The main goal of this workshop was to clarify any type of misconception about nuclear technology, as we have more misconception rather than conception about Nuclear Technology. The workshop also focused on the scopes of the man power in Nuclear Technology regarding Bangladesh.

Ms Nashiyat Fyza , Mr Abrar Jahin Nafi,
Mr. Sk Azmaeen Bin Amir and Shawon Saha conducted the workshop.

The workshop started at 1.00 PM with Ms. Nashiyat Fyza, one of the instructors,graduated from the department of Mechanical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology.She started with presenting the power scenario in Bangladesh and the fuel availability in our country. She also focused that why Nuclear Technology could be a good alternative.

Afterwards Mr.SK Azmaeen Bin Amir, graduated from the department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering,Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, currently working on metallic fuel for SFR(Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor), provided his presentation on how actually a reactor functions and the science behind energy generation from atom. Audiences have got a pretty clear visualization of the entire system. He also discussed about the scopes of various fields of engineering involved in Nuclear Power Technology as well as higher study opportunities.

Then after lunch break, a small MCQ based test was taken based on the respective topics and lectures delivered in the workshop.

Then, Shawon Saha, undergraduate student from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, delivered his presentation on how pest control can be done without using massive amount of pesticides by using Sterile Insect Technique(SIT).
He also breaks the misconception about Mutation and Recombination.

At the end, one of the speaker of the workshop, Mr.Abrar Jahin Nafi, graduated from the department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, delivered his lecture about the Nuclear Power Technology used in Marine Architecture.As a part of his lecture, he presented how aircraft carrier can run for years without refueling using Nuclear Power Technology which surprises the audiences most.

The workshop actually has given the audiences a pretty good view about Nuclear Power Technology as well as breaks number of misconceptions.
Audiences also has got idea about the job fields and higher study opportunities in this field.

There were about 45 participants from Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology(CUET).

The highest mark carrier of the MCQ test was handed a small token of appreciation.

Instructors were appreciated with crest at the end of the workshop.
At about 4:30, the workshop came to an end.