Maker Fest 2018 have been taken place at CUET Organized by IEEE CUET Student Branch and FAB Lab, CUET on 28th September, 2018.

Maker fest 2018 consisted of four segments. They are-

1)Robotics Contest: LFR
2)Mobile App Developement Contest.
3)Project Show: Hackathon 

The champion of LFR is Team unity and the runners up team is Khepa 1.7

The champion team of mobile app development is Bytebiters.

The champion of project show are team Fisher and team extremenator jointly. The runners up team of project show is magictronics.

The Seminar was conducted by Dr. Aseef Iqbal, Assistant professor, Chittagong Independent University.

The Maker Fest was concluded by Prize giving ceremony where the prizes were handed over by Dr. Md. Ahsanullah, professor, CUET.

The Annual General Meeting was also held and Executive Committee of IEEE Student Branch CUET for the year 2018-19 was announced.