7th and the very last day of the workshop titled
“A 7 days workshop on Basic Electronics+Proteus+PCB Designing” has been conducted by 
Nahiyan Bin Noor
(Branch Chair, IEEE CUET SB
Vice President, Andromeda Space & Robotics Research Organization)

Congratulations to all the participants for completing the workshop successfully.

During this workshop the have been given many mini projects along with their circuit simulation in proteus.

Today, the last day, they have completed two PCB design successfully which will be very helpful for their upcoming academic events.

They have been given group-wise projects to complete , according to which a prize giving ceremony will be arranged to inspire these enthusiast minds.

Thanks to Andromeda Space & Robotics Research Organization for being the technical sponsor of this event.

Thanks to Abir Hasan for capturing the events.